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Joaquin Trias is winner of Telva and the Elle award 2011. He has been on the runway the 3 previous seasons in New York and he has made the jump to Paris last October 2011.


He is the Spanish couturier with the most international projection.

These pieces that you see are from the first collaboration of LOTOCOHO for TRIAS:

These pieces are a part of the planet, of territory, they are a pieces of landscape. They are a capture of a moment.

An x-ray of an element today.

A translation of a part of the planet that expands our anatomy. They become a part of us, we pour stories into them, they turn into memories.

Each of the pieces has been designed as part of an infinite series and at the same time unique, devised and developed during more than 40 hours in the digital workshop of LOTOCOHO, and has gone through analogue-manual processes and mechanical transformations during approximately more than 30 hours in the brand laboratories.

But it is also an amount of time, the selected pieces for the collection of Joaquin Trias, (the “black” pieces) have received an oxidation of more than 100 years in one day. They are over 100 years old.

Their theoretical and design value have been implemented with unique physical/chemical processes carried out with top of-the-line machinery and technology and have been passed through different states, solid-liquid-solid-erosion, and other chemicals.

The different phases of the construction of the piece are:

Prototyping, printing, casting, vaccuum sealing investment, kilning, vaccuum metal casting, cooling, eroding, oxidizingacid, polishing, and then presented here.

And it also has value, it is built of grams of Gold/Silver.

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