Jorge López Conde - Paseo de la Castellana, 215. Bajo Izquierda. 28046 Madrid, Spain. -



By selecting portrayals from different times of the 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's/90's we have created a journey of the idea of woman, and her capacity to re-present "the role" with the support of necessary expressions to re-cognize characters re-presenting and going beyond juxtaposing the vector of time, taking the look beyond the context, exceeding it.

As opposed to the "transitory" themes of fashion, we have created a superposition of planes and characters that define a multiple, psychogeographic and fragmented conversation.

This campaign should generate a new hierarchy between the woman's body and landscape, that is prone to characterization through elegance.

Changing the natural and habitual relationship between scale, form and function of the object and designing a three dimensional space such as a jewel, with alegoric-categoric and timeless content on the body.

The here and now are suspended in these photos and they define a common idea about women: their autonomy in landscape, in the present, in "territory", in "gender", demonstrating its independence of past and overcome ideas of paradise, domesticity, aesthetics and luxury.

Art Direction: LOTOCOHO. Jorge López Conde & Anna Tomich. WWW.LOTOCOHO.COM

Photography/Digital Art: Eduardo Lopez

Credits: Luishock Martinez

Models: Janka Sedikova

Stylist: Marta Araújo

Make Up & Hair: Javier Vergara

Studio: Background

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