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LOTOCOHO is participating in the international furniture fair in New York ICFF, through the DESIGNBOOM MART platform.

LOTOCOHO @ ICFF designboom mart, new york 2011.

In progress.

Selected together with 40 other designers worldwide, Anna Tomich Hockensmith & Jorge Lopez Conde will exhibit their new series “Conquests of the un-useful” together with the revision of Tuning and a high/spectrum of icebergs.

These are a series of rings constructed with historic events. Moments in history.
Moments in our culture that signify historic advances in science and culture, but failed in life, trial and error.
The Accident.

They are symbols of our history, part of our culture, we should make them a part of us, taking them with us and showing them. There are many expressions of grief, but little of them today go beyond the temple: it’s time to update this.
The list of pieces to be presented is:

The Titanic. It was the biggest and most luxurious passenger ship of the time, followed by the RMS Olympic.
The Hindenburg.
(The first accident narrated live on the radio) It was a German zeppelin-like dirigible destroyed by a fire as it was landing in New Jersey the 6th of May 1937, causing the death of 36 people (around a third of the people on board). The accident was widely covered by the media of the time and marked the end of the dirigibles as a transportation medium.
The Concord.
(Great symbol of speed, of aeronautic business success) The Aerospatiale-BAC Concord was a supersonic plane used to transport passengers.
The grave accident of one of the Concords the 25th July 2000 and other factors – such as the scarce profitability – precipitated its definitive retirement. Its last flight was the 26th November 2003. It is considered to be one of the icons in aviation.
The Columbia
(NASA designation: OV-102) was the first of the NASA spaceships to fulfill missions outside of Earth. It was launched for the first time the 12th of April 1981, and it was destroyed as it was coming back into the atmosphere the 1st of February 2003, taking with it 7 crewmembers.
Death Star
is a super-weapon and fictional space station the size of a small moon, which appears in the Star Wars saga and its expanded universe.
Apollo XIII
. The Apollo 13 was a space mission that had the objective of taking two human beings to the moon, that would been the fifth and sixth in history to achieve this milestone, landing on the moon in the Fra Mauro region. An oxygen tank explosion aboard the ship forced the crew to abort the mission and orbit around the Moon without being able to fulfill the task.
The presented piece is the capsule that fell into the sea.


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