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"After having studied watches, we must now study the clouds."
Karl Popper

Construction of the collection

Once the sign and its context has been investigated, like the Atlas by Aby Warburg, we translate according to geometric rules (Euclidian or Thiessen polygons) those signs and we convert them into symbols.

There are scale modifications as well and ergonomic approximations to the human body.

LOTOCOHO is a brand of creation that translates signs into symbols.

Translating landscapes and signs into jewellery we have created a collection called Ergonomic Territories.

This collection is based on geology and landscapes, contemporary languages.

Made up of rings, fibulas or brooches, bracelets and different elements that complement the anatomy.

Ergonomic Territories is an infinite system of creation.

Shaped by an idea that relates nature, the abstract-artificial and the learning of a constant game.

It is a field of opportunities where the act of use derived from enjoyment provokes knowledge trapped in accumulated histories/stories about "mountains" or its most basic geologic constructions (diamonds-rocks).

Decontextualised landscapes are built to scale and multiplied in knowledge.

Mountains contain unseen stories.

Learning stories through objects. The inverse journey of religion that dumps these stories on an object, mythifying it.

Mountains built on stories, mountains of stories.



We propose to make visible the geometric constructions and physical/material that imply decisions and delimit cultures.

Generate spaces of exchange where the physical rule of geology, the connections and its expressions are assimilated by its users.

We want a space that generates a memory, reminiscence or complex association of distinct perceptions, neither arbitrary and undetermined, nor objective: symbolic, that explains a moment in which determined distinct influences overlap in a mixed variable degree and combination generating a Landscape.

Build an artificial landscape on the foundations of the anatomy of the human body that at the same time refers to the natural construction beyond the emblem, in the milestone.



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