Jorge López Conde - Paseo de la Castellana, 215. Bajo Izquierda. 28046 Madrid, Spain. -





Madrid Cultural Assemblages (ongoing). Sofia Architecture Week

Sofia Architecture Week. Instituto Cervantes Sofia.
A project by: Jacobo García-Germán - Jorge Lopez Conde.

Sponsored by the Spanish Embassy in Bulgaria, the exhibition at Sofia’s Cervantes Institute, included in Sofia Architecture Week 2012, brings together, in the context of recent transformations in Madrid’s cultural scene and urban structure, a selection of enclaves which, in a singular way are helping (via critical architectural statements and alternative curatorial and management formats), to tighten social bonds and enhance the city’s renewed public and social urban space. Madrid cultural assemblages (ongoing) presents some of the institutions that are contributing, through their urban role and their performance, to produce a sort of social assemblage by staging a broad understanding of “culture”, be it in its overlapping with leisure, social activism, private management, public-run institutions and other formats which merge and mix to give place, currently in Madrid, to what has been called by many outside observers “an exciting moment for art and culture”. The exhibition layout, with huge curtain-like images of these enclaves hanging from the walls, (all six were shot in one single day in November 2012), reproduces an ideal stroll through the city, transformed at Sofia’s Cervantes Institute, into a kaleidoscopic or panoramic diorama that resumes this vitality and heterogeneity through an inclusion of the visitor inside these images as another actor in the scenes.


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